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Indian Human Hair Extensions Wholesale Factory
Mary On Ventures in India is a wholesale human hair extensions manufacturer and exporter from Chennai, India.

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absolutely natural exporter

Hair Tonsure At Temple

Remy & Cuticles intact

‘Hair from single head’ ensures the heads and tails are aligned in one direction thus giving a remy and cuticle intact hair.

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heads and tails aligned

Virgin, Natural & Tangle free

Virgin Hair

We don’t process hair for their pattern and our curly/wavy/straight patterns are absolutely natural.

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curly wavy straight patterns

Collections : how raw ponytails are obtained from donors form temples

Blending : How those ponytails are matched to create wefts

Fabrication : The process by which wefting

Sanitizations : The wash it 4 to 5 times before weft the hair and after weft we will wash 2 time am using shampoo and conditioner

no chemical treatment and not steamed process for textures only natural textures what we getting from donors in temple

Manual nit removal , no chemical if we use chemical means we will able to remove nits but hair will because rough so we wont use any chemical remover for nits

Purchase of Raw Hair from temples of South India

Arrange of Raw Hair

machine weft hair extensions

Washing – I Stage

Drying hair extensions in natural sunlight


reday to ship

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